Perrin Willis

President & Owner Of Worlds Beyond VR,

 "As a child growing in Paterson, New Jersey, I'd always fantasized of going off to visit places I'd only seen in books, movies, magazines and daydreams. I think it was this gift of a vivid, active imagination that fueled the engine of wanderlust in me. Eventually, that passion would see me travel to worlds beyond what was directly in front of me then, and have experiences that were beyond what I'd imagined.

That passion for exploration and experiences is what the idea for Worlds Beyond VR was born from. It was inspired by the dreamers in less fortunate situations that deserve the opportunity to actively engage in wondrous, awe-inspiring experiences that they may have not gotten the opportunity to experience, otherwise.

Along with Walt Disney, Nikola Tesla, and Albert Einstein before me, I too believe imagination to be the most important resource on the planet as it holds the creative power to change the world. Dreaming beyond our mental, emotional, & physical barriers to realize what incredible wonders lie ahead is what we passionately promote. The very principal of imagining a beautiful, productive future and working faithfully to see ourselves through to it remains an important part of a happy life, in my belief."

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