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Welcome to Worlds Beyond VR, your go-to destination for virtual reality experiences in Portland. Whether you're looking for educational tools, entertainment options, or a unique way to explore and exercise, we've got you covered. Our state-of-the-art standalone virtual reality headsets and our partnership with the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland Public School system, and SUN program, allow us to offer a wide range of VR services for all ages and interests, including VR for education, entertainment, exploration, exercise in school or after school, VR wedding reception and birthday parties. Our motto is "Do what you dream" and we are dedicated to providing positive virtual experiences that have a lasting impact on the development of our community, especially the youth. Experience the future of learning and entertainment with Worlds Beyond VR today! If you want to book your VR experience, email us to [email protected] and let us take you beyond reality.

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